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Robert F. Kennedy Visits Jamestown 1964

Let us HELP YOU DIGITALLY PRESERVE all the special moments of your life

Straight Shooter Band 2004

Auto Racing circa 1939

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  • Transfer home movies to DVD or hard drive from 8mm & 16mm films, or videotapes

  • Edit videos and movies

  • Convert wedding videos to DVD

  • Save photos and slides

  • Create photo slideshows for TV viewing

  • Restore faded or damaged photos

  • Enhance or alter photographs

  • Digitize favorite music to CD or MP3

  • Photograph special events

  • Duplicate non-copyrighted DVDs

We digitize memories of historical significance to you, your family, and your community.

(These home movies are shared with permission from films' owners)
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* Auto Racing circa 1939
* Lucy at Jamestown Movie Premiere 1956
* Kinzua Dam Construction 1960 - 1965
* Robert F. Kennedy Visits Jamestown in 1964
* Fentier Village 1966 
* Straight Shooter Band 2004

Transfer 8mm Films And Videotapes To Dvd in Jamestown


Kinzua Dam Construction 1960-1965

Digitize (dij'a tiz) v. To transform old home movies, videos, photos, slides, records, and cassettes into a digital format to enjoy on today's modern equipment. 

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Sorry, but we are no longer accepting any new business.  

Thank-you for entrusting PC Projects with your digitizing needs throughout the past 2 decades.

Lucy at Jamestown Movie Premiere 1956

Fentier Village 1966

Thanks for taking the time to learn about PC Projects LLC, where We Digitize Memories

We Digitize Memories, part of PC Projects LLC in Jamestown NY,  helps you preserve all of your precious memories contained on old analog media into a digital format to enjoy today, tomorrow, and for decades.  Our specialty is to transfer 8mm films and videotapes to DVD and digital, but we also provide video editing services, restore photographs, and duplicate DVDs.  In fact, we do much more:
We Digitize Memories

We Digitize Memories by PC Projects LLC

Let PC Projects help you digitally preserve your memories.  Have us do the digital archiving 
projects that you don't have the time, patience, equipment, or perhaps the know-how to do.

There is no better personalized gift than your family's past preserved for the future.  Let us help you digitally preserve all the special moments of your life.