Photo after PC Projects' repair


We Digitize Memories by PC Projects LLC

Original photograph

We can repair and restore torn or faded photos.  This 1890s photograph (above left) was in pretty bad shape when it was brought to us - torn in two, taped back together, scratched, ripped, and discolored.  We repaired the photo, restoring it to the condition you see on the right.  Bring us your old photos of your ancestors and we'll fix them so they look brand new, too.

Or perhaps you'd like something (or someone) removed from a picture.  As you see below, we can modify or enhance your photos so you end up with the perfect new image that you'll cherish forever.  If you'd like a photograph altered, repaired, or restored, call or email PC Projects by clicking here or on the "contact us" menu button on the left.

Before repair

Desired photo of barn only

Boy removed from photo