​Bring us your home-made videotapes and we can transform them into a professional-style DVD video that you will be proud to show others.

* Sports Videos - Consolidate hours of your favorite sports team's game films into a highlights DVD to show at the team's end-of-season banquet

- Show-off the best moves and scores made y your favorite athlete.  We can create an impressive Promo DVD to send to college scouts (ie: scholarship audition highlight video) or simply to save as a family keepsake.

We Digitize Memories by PC Projects LLC

Let us edit your wedding memories


Preserve your wedding video and other homemade movies onto DVD to view on TV and enjoy for the rest of your lives.  Whether you are just recently engages, or celebrating 50 years of wedding bliss, we can transfer your movies from your old reels or create sunning new movies from any video collection.

​​* Wedding Videos - Convert the wedding videos that your family members took into a single DVD of just the "best" scenes that you want to keep

* Vacation Videos - Shorten your vacation videos into a memorable highlight DVD of the spectacular places you visited to show friends or club members (without boring them to tears)

* Any Special Event - Whether it's a graduation, birthday party, family reunion, baptism or any other of life's special moments that you've videotapes

Bring us all of your videos and we can do the rest.  We can edit out all of the unwanted "bad" parts (like video of the ground, the sky, or the lens cap) and consolidate all of the best parts into an entertaining, professional-style DVD that you can cherish forever.  We can even reformat your video so that you can view it on a cell phone.  And, if you want, we can upload your video to the web for friends and the entire world to enjoy.

Preserve special time with the kids

Bring us your wedding videos shot by your relatives or friends, and we'll transform them into an entertaining home movie on DVD that you can cherish forever.

How special would it be for Mom to have a DVD of the kids' school events or concerts?  Or maybe of that special afternoon outing with the family?  Video tape the special event, then have PC Projects save it to DVD for permanent storage, with an extra copy for the Grandparents to view on their TV.  Children grow up fast, and those special time only happen once, so don't lose those memories - have them digitized!  Contact PC Projects here.