Preserve your wedding video and other homemade movies onto DVD to view on TV and enjoy the rest of your lives.  Whether you are just recently engaged, or celebrating 50 years of wedding bliss, we can transfer your movies from your old reels or create stunning new movies from any video collection.

Typical std def 8mm film results by others

Let us digitize your wedding memories

Preserve your home movies NOW before they stretch, break, are lost, or destroyed.

Click on the image at the top of the page to see a sample of digitized 8mm film from 1941, or on the image below to see the American side of Niagara Falls "dried up" in 1969.

Preserve special times with the kids and grandkids

Bring us your wedding videos shot by your relatives or friends and we'll transform them into an entertaining home movie on DVD that you can cherish forever.

We Digitize Memories by PC Projects LLC

We can digitize most formats:
Reg 8mm and Super8 film
16mm film
VHS videotapes
VHS-C tapes
Betamax tapes
Hi8 video cassettes

How special would it be for Mom to have a DVD of the kids' school events or concerts?  Or maybe of an afternoon outing with the family?  Video tape the special event, then have PC Projects save it to DVD for permanent storage, with an extra copy for the Grandparents to view on their TV.  Children grow up fast, and those special times only happen once, so don't lose those memories - have them digitized today!
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8mm film processed in HD by PC Projects


​​​​Have us transfer your old home movies to DVD to view on your TV,  or we can archive them to an external hard drive or thumb drive so you can upload to your cloud storage or mobile device. We use the same brand equipment as the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood to capture and preserve old films.  Our frame-by-frame scanning has zero image contact, and is now available in HD!   Notice (below) the striking difference between standard definition and high definition from these still frames of 8mm film from the 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympics.

Finally you'll be able to enjoy yesterday's precious memories on today's modern devices.